The main resources for the use of international signs (gestures, writing system and dictionary) are complemented by a series of additional materials and proposals.

Texts with signs

Any kind of text in any language can be enriched by adding the international signs for the main ideas. This allows for the text to be presented to people that want to hear and read the text in the original language. The signs give them some clues and hints about the meaning. You can see already several texts with international signs.


Every poem can be represented in its original language and at the same time with international signs. This helps to enjoy values like metric, rhyme, pulse or sonority that otherwise would get lost when translated. The signs, when presented like gestures, add also emotional, aesthetic and choreographic values to the poetic performance.


The international gestures can add also interesting values when they are made at the same time that a song is sung in any language. It helps also to understand better the meaning of the lyrics of foreign countries´ songs. Proposals for new songs are also presented here.


Special sentences from a certain culture like sayings, proverbs or adages can be presented to people speaking different languages with help of the international signs.


Some dialogues have been developed in order to help people to practice their communication skills in foreign languages.


The YoGoTe signs were added to several texts in order to be presented as speeches with international gestures.

Other materials

The YoGoTe project has developed other materials in order to exploit and enhance its international nature.


Some of the songs that are being used at the project can be presented with the original music.


When approaching a certain language, it is useful to practice on the map for the corresponding country.


The international signs in their written form can be used to illustrate drawings, adding meaning as well as their own shape.

Activities with signs

We include here several proposals for the use of international signs

Proposals of school activities

The international signs can be useful to enhance and bolster school activities.

Language lessons

Using the international signs we have developed a collection of lessons for the introduction to different languages. These lessons are explained elsewhere in this blog.

Materials for the language lessons

There are already some teaching materials that are helpful for the development of activities and exercises during the lessons.