As is shown in other parts of this blog, the international signs, besides being very simple and natural, can be represented using a straightforward writing system known as signograms.

A signogram bears the information that is necessary to recognise a sign as well as the way to do the corresponding gesture.

The existing set of signograms allows to represent more than 600 international signs.

You can enable your computer to write these signs directly on any text writing program. In order to do so, you should download the corresponding character fonts HERE.

The signograms are classified in three fonts, according to the strokes that show the position:

YoGoTe 1: signs with strokes for the head or shoulder.

YoGoTe 2: signs with strokes for the rest of the body.

YoGoTe 3: signs without position strokes.

There is an additional set of signograms, YoGoTe 0 , that represents the internationals signs for the letters of the alphabet (fingerspelling). This would allow to write a text using the way letters are represented by handshapes.

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