You can produce your own texts with YoGoTe signs. The result is a glossed text.

This is useful for teachers that want to help their students to prepare and present a poem, a song or any other kind of text making the international signs at the same time.

You can do this in two ways: Manually or using a text-writing program.

The explanations for doing it manually can be read HERE, and there are also a series of animations explaining how to do it with a program (HERE, in Spanish).

World Poems

If you want to take part in a global initiative to present poems from every country and language, you can do the following:

– Select a particular human right or value (you can see HERE a list of human rights in relation to the articles of the UN Declaration).

– Choose a poem in your language that makes reference to this human right or value (you can also create one by yourself, or even let the students create it).

– Produce a glossed text of this poem, by adding the YoGoTe signs for the main ideas in it, as was explained before.

– Present the glossed text to your students and explain them how to understand the international signs in order to make the gestures and to recognise them in the text.

– Make a video recording with the students presenting this poem and making the signs AT THE SAME TIME.

– Upload this video to YouTube.

– You can send the link to the YouTube video, as well as a copy of the glossed text in an email (with any other explanations that you consider interesting) to the following address:

– If you prefer, you can also produce a post on a blog of yours, with the video, the glossed text, and any other information (Author, intention, translation, audiovisual complements, song, etc), and send the link (to this post on your blog) to the same email address as before.

– Your work will be included into a collective website where poems from all the parts of the world and in many different languages will be put together with help of the international signs to show how human values are really universal and praised by every culture and language.

You and your students will be presenting your country, its language, culture and values to the rest of the world!

You can see some previous works with poems:

Poems about PEACE, by a spanish Primary School.

Poems about human values in Latin-american countries.

European poems, by a group of Secondary schools.