The YoGoTe signs allow to produce introductory lessons for a great number of languages.

You can help us to develop this Project by adding your language to the already available ones.

It requires that you first translate the text of any one of the lessons to your language. If you find it useful, you can first check if there is a provisory translation of the text in the following list:

List of available languages.

Please download the Word document and make the necessary corrections (please try to keep the sentences as simple as possible without loosing the basic meaning of the dialogues). You can compare with the text in any one of the already published languages, HERE.

If your language is not in that list, you can take the document in English and make the translation directly over it.

After doing that, you can make a video in two ways:

1- With two or more persons having a dialogue and making the gestures at the same time, such as in any of the published lessons.

2- With only one person (it can be just you in front of your computer camera), reading the sentences and making the signs at the same time (you can see some examples HERE).

In both cases, try to speak as loudly and clearly as possible, because the sound will be the most important feature for a person who wants to use your videos to learn your language.

Please make also the videos for the additional vocabulary in this lesson, as you can see HERE.

Once the videos are ready, upload them to YouTube (or to any other video streaming site), and send us the link to with the corrected text of the lesson as well as any explanations that you consider helpful.

Repeat the procedure with the 6 lessons to have the whole beginner´s course complete.

We will place the videos with the text and a mention to you as the author on several pages that will be added to the existing set.