After doing Lesson 2, students can begin to buy and sell some products.

This enables them to make interesting interactions in a realistic context.

If there are students learning different languages, the use of international signs enables them to participate in a Global Market, with everyone speaking in its new language and at the same time being understood by the use of signs that everyone knows.

The activity is explained here.

You can see some videos:

Activity in a sport hall, in 12 different languages, with fake money and products:

TV programs about this activity (in Spanish and/or Galician):

In December 2011, some of these students took part at the World Forum of Peace Education that was held in Santiago de Compostela.

The students, with help of local ONGs for sustainable development and fair trade, enacted a real Global Market, where the visitors, after some explanations, could buy real products with the students, that were speaking in the languages they had studied.

The activity is explained here.

 This is a short video of it: