On the occasion of the institutional visit of the European Commissioner of Multilingualism, Mr. Leonard Orban, to Galicia, the 24 of April of 2009, it was made a presentation of the project of multilingualism with international gestures, YoGoTe, in the Faculty of Audio-visual Communication of the University of Santiago de Compostela, with the participation of the Universities of Vigo (Galicia) and Minho (Portugal).

The philosophy of the project consists basically in fostering the use of the international gestures at all the levels of international communication and multilingualism, with information and resources for free in the project’s web pages.

More information

Greeting by representatives of the Pedra da Auga Secondary School

With representatives of the three Universities Vigo and Santiago (Spain), and Minho (Portugal)

Explanation of the YoGoTe international gestures