The international signs have proven to be very useful for the presentation of poems in the original language to foreign audiences, as have shown several experiences made at Primary and Secondary Schools.

The use of international signs with poems in Primary Schools is focused mainly in the presentation of poems in the language that is used at school. The students present the poems with the signs for the main ideas and concepts, in this way adding plasticity, expression and choreography to the performance.

In Secondary Schools the use of international signs allows the use of poems in languages that are different from the school communication language. The signs, in this case, offer an additional communication channel which helps the audience to understand better the meaning of the poems. The poem, in this way, can be enjoyed with all the richness of the original language.

Two main actions have been made so far regarding the collective presentation of poems with international signs:

– Poems from American countries, under the name Poesiamerica. This was proposed at the Digital Ibero-american Web, which was opened and maintained by the Regional Commission for UNESCO in Mexico but is no more accessible at Internet. A selection of some of these poems can be seen HERE, as well as the project proposal (in Spanish).

Here you can see one of those poems, from the Afrocuban poet Nicolás Guillén and presented with signs in Santa Clara, Cuba:

– In 2008, a project for the presentation of poems from different European countries in original language with international signs was established by an international cooperation of the following schools:

  • Hisar Egitim Vakfi Okullari in Istanbul, Turkey
  • IES Pedra da Auga in Ponteareas, Galice (Spain)
  • Liceo G. DÁlessandro in Bagheria, Sicily (Italy)
  • ESSB de Sá da Bandeira in Santarem, Portugal

The project, with the name Europoems, received two of the most important educational awards in Europe:

EU-Dialogue Awards, Second Prize in 2008:

eLearning Awards, First Prize in 2009 Links: HERE and HERE.

The original web, implemented by the Turkish teacher Elif Kara at her school in Istanbul, has disappeared, but you can see some of the poems and other materials HERE.

An example: the poem “Andaluces de Jaén”, from the Spanish poet Miguel Hernández, presented by students:

And here is an audiovisual slideshow of this same poem, with music by the Spanish group “Jarcha”, and with the signograms for the main ideas (they correspond to the gestures made by the students in the previous video):

The Galician TV made this program about this award-winning project: