The YoGoTe project has been presented in several ocassions to the Parlatino Commission for Education.

Havana, Cuba, in July 2002
The Commission approved to support the proposal of elaboration of a poetic anthology for the education in values with international gestures, as well as to insist on the Parliaments that are member of the Parlatino, as well as to other national organisms, and organizations of international character, that consider the promotion of the knowledge and use of the international signs in the educative units and other institutions.

Salvador de Bahía, Brazil, December 2003
The Commission and its members decided to deliver all the efforts to contribute as much as possible to the diffusion of the project through the pertinent channels and organisms of the PARLATINO, in the level of the national parliaments and of the interparliamentary organizations.

São Paulo, Brazil, October 2004
The Commission, after analyzing the possibilities that this project presents for the cultural scope, resolves:
– To insist to the respective Parliaments of Latin America to consider the promotion of the gradual incorporation of universal gestures in the diverse cultural activities of each country, like a contribution to a better cultural interchange with the rest of the world.
– To propose to the corresponding organs of the Parlatino the beginning of exploratory contacts with other Parliamentary Associations, as well as with the Bunds or International Associations of Culture with which it maintains relations, in order that the respective Commissions of Education and Culture or equivalents contemplate the possibility of fostering joint educative and/or cultural activities in which it is possible to verify the possibilities and the interest of universal gestures for the international cultural exchanges.

Panama City, Panama, December 2011

The Commission was informed about the latest developments in the YoGoTe project, specially about the presentation that was made to the Pan-African Parliament´s Commitee for Education in October 2011.
It was decided to put the project into the knowledge of the Parlatino Commisssion for Indigenous and Ethnic People, as well as to ask the Parlatino Secretary for Inter-parlamentarian Relations to coordinate the action with the Pan-African Parliament in relation to this project.

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