The year 2001 was declared by the Council of Europe as the European Year of Languages with the collaboration of the European Commission, and was successful in involving millions of people across 45 countries. From this time, each year 26 September is celebrated as the European Day of Languages.

The UNESCO-ASP schools from Galice and Catalonia, with the collaboration from Portuguese schools., organized in this year 2001 a joint festival under the title “From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean”.

Students from Galice and Portugal presented poems, songs, theater pieces and other texts in original languages from Atlantic countries. All the texts were presented with international gestures at the same time, as a kind of added communicative value.

This event took place at the Passeig the Grácia (in front of the famous house La Pedrera from Gaudi) in september, during the great Mercé festivities in Barcelona.

The show began with a greeting song in several languages. The students made the same gestures for all the languages, and the music (whose author is Fernando Fernández Picos, a Galician primary school teacher) was played by a local band.

You can see a video with some of the greetings:

Then came the presentation of the event, made by a teacher from Galice in Catalá, the language from Catalonia. He made also the signs for the main ideas, in order to prepare the audience to a better understanding of the texts in different languages.

You can see the following performances in video:

Dara: brazilian song in Portuguese and Ioruba (Nigerian language)

Author: Daniela Mercury

Presented by students from the “Pedra da Auga” secondary school in Ponteareas (Galice):

You can view it also HERE.

Solidarité: song about the suffering of immigrants, in Wolof (language from Senegal)

Author: Youssou N´Dour

Presented by students from the “Luis Seoane” secondary school in Pontevedra (Galice):

Mar Portugués: a poem in Portuguese about the ocean discoveries

Author: Fernando Pessoa

Presented by students from the secondary school in Melgaço (Portugal):

Grândola: a song in Portuguese that launched the “Carnation Revolution”

Author: José Afonso

Presented by students from the “Cal Brandão” secondary school in Porto (Portugal):

Os Pinos: Galician anthem in Galician language

Author: Eduardo Pondal

Presented by students from the “Terra de Turonio” secondary school in Nigran (Galice):

You can view it also HERE.