The international signs and the YoGoTe project have been presented in several ocassions to UNESCO in relation with certain projects and activities.

International Year of Languages 2008

The YoGoTe project has been included as one of the activities for this program.

Manifesto 2000

The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed the year 2000 as the International Year for the Culture of Peace and the decade 2001-2010 International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the children of the World. UNESCO was designated as lead agency for this Decade.

The Manifesto 2000 for a culture of peace and nonviolence, was drafted by a group of Nobel Peace Prizes, to translate the resolutions of the United Nations into everyday language and to make them relevant to people everywhere.

The organizers of this event have given the possibility to translate this document into any language, including these translations into its webpage.

There is a translation into Gestuno international signs (with signograms that are the predecessors of the YoGoTe signs).

You can see the corresponding gestures in this video:

World Parliament of Children

The World Parliament of Children, convened jointly by UNESCO and the French National Assembly in 1999, met together more than 350 young people from all the parts of the world. They created and approved together the Youth Manifesto for the XXI Century.

Two young people from Galice were the representants from Spain at this event, and their schools organized several acts to spread the knowledge about this declaration.

Presentation of several parts of this Manifesto with international signs:

2- Education

3 – Environment

6 – Culture

Transatlantic Slave Trade

The TST project is a proposal to Break the Silence about the Transatlantic Slave Trade, as well as to enlighten its consequences for the actual world.

The international signs have been presented at the Youth International Forum that was held in Denmark in 2003, as you can see in the specific post at this same blog.