The collection of YoGoTe signs can be used to cover a vocabulary of more than 2000 concepts.

To find a sign that can represent a certain concept, you can use the online dictionary.

Select the first letter for the word you want to represent with a sign (for example: for “Peace”, choose the letter “P” at the left). You´ll go to a page where the word “peace” stays besides the number 1362. To the right of this same page is a yellow list of numbers, select the option 1300-1399. This will open a new window, where the sign number 1362 appears as:

If you already understand the way the signs are written, you will be able to make it by yourself. If not, you can simply clic on the sign, and this will open a window where the sign is explained in video and animation, with the different meanings that it can represent in different contexts. If you don´t find the word you are looking for, try with words that represent similar concepts.

You can free download a copy of this dictionary on paper here.

If you want to put international signs on a text to explain the meaning of its main ideas, clic here.